Stepping Stones Therapy is a California Certified Non-Public Agency (NPA)


We are approved and certified by the State of California to provide therapy services for special education students.

If you are a public school district looking to find a local, NPA therapy center, Stepping Stones Therapy is available to work with your team today. Simply give us a call and we’ll coordinate the appropriate next steps: 949-955-0010.

Our services are provided at our clinic, virtually, or on-site at local learning centers.

What is A California Certified NPA?

As a California certified (NPA), public school districts in Southern California can begin services and contract with Stepping Stones Therapy, Inc. right away.

The approval by the state signifies that our center meets high standards for staff and treatment plans. To become certified, our programs, credentials, licenses, and our staff’s qualifications are all reviewed and approved by the State of California. In addition, Stepping Stones Therapy has undergone checks for state compliances for safety, insurances, and employment laws.

The Benefits of Becoming State Certified

To contract with a public school, the State of California requires that all agencies must receive approval and certification by the state for the treatment plans they offer.

Public schools must provide Free and Appropriate Public Education to special education students. However, if the school can’t meet these needs, the district may contract the services with an NPA.

Stepping Stones Therapy works with public school districts to conduct Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE) and create necessary programs through the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP).

Telepractice Live Online Therapy is Available at Stepping Stones Therapy

In 2005, telepractice was approved by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) as a valid and ethical means of clinical service delivery.

Stepping Stones Therapy is proud to provide children and their families with telepractice therapy services. Our telepractice includes face-to-face, online video therapy using a secure, web-based, interactive video.

Children must have access to a computer, high-speed internet, webcam, and microphone.

If you have any questions about telepractice, please give us a call at 949-955-0010.

We look forward to working with public schools, children, and families in Orange County and surrounding areas.