Social Skills Development in Newport Beach for Kids and Teens

Children playing insideBeing able to fit in at school and make friends with classmates are important skills that are often taken for granted. The truth is that a lot of kids don’t have good social skills naturally and need some encouragement to navigate the world.

As children get older, lack of social skills can lead to isolation and trouble joining teams and clubs or working on group projects. Identifying social skills issues when they begin to show, can help them get on a path to better social interactions sooner.

Signs of Social Skill Issues

  • Missing social cues such as facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice
  • Comprehending too literally and misunderstanding exaggerations or abstract concepts
  • Not taking turns or displaying poor self-control
  • Withdrawing from peers and favoring spending time with adults
  • Talking too much, or in some cases too little

Our Social Skills Development Approach

Whether your child has a learning or attention deficit that is causing social issues, or he or she just needs some guidance to learn better social skills, our team will complete a comprehensive evaluation and create an individualized program. Our collaborative social skills learning groups typically meet once per week, incorporating strategies to enhance generalized social and cognitive skills.

Collaborative Learning Groups

Our collaborative learning groups get children of similar age and needs together for one-hour sessions focused on peer social skills. We create a supportive environment through role playing, homework assignments and other activities. By pairing children of similar cognitive, behavioral and pragmatic skills, we are able to impart lasting social skill development. Our group sessions revolve around attainable goal setting and goal monitoring to foster feelings of success and gratification in children.

To talk to us about improving your child’s social skills, call Stepping Stones Therapy today at (949) 955-0010.